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The name NAMA comes from the word Namaste which means “I bow to the divine in you” or showing respect as you greet someone. Our goal is for each guest that experiences NAMA to feel at home in the atmosphere we have created.  The design plays off the vibrant colors and patterns you would find across India, and we have seating that provides an array of options from intimate to large groups.

What differentiates our experience is that the majority of our menu consists of Indian street-food inspired Small Plates, which are intended to be shared.  Our hope is for each guest to sample as much variety of Indian food as possible in a single dining experience. We also feature a limited Curry Pot menu, that can rotate week to week.  Our staff will be happy to provide suggestions as you dine with us!

We’re located in the heart of Richmond’s Arts District at 15 West Broad Street.

Ramesh Kaundal, Consulting Chef

Kaundal started his culinary art studies at IHM Pusa in New Delhi. He joined the Taj Hotel group in Bombay, working in various kitchens in India before he was sent to NYC. In New York he climbed the ranks and held his first executive chef role at Radha. From there, he moved to Washington, D.C. to open Bombay Club and with its success, moved onto Rasika before moving to Richmond.

two chili wings with a trio of dipping sauces served on a black circular plate
cocktail and ice garnished with a dehydrated lime and pansies

Madhu Bhargava, Consulting Chef

Bhargava graduated from University of Delhi, India with a degree in economics, but from painting to cooking, her passion lies in food and creativity. While working at financial planning firms, Bhargava would often cater food on various occasions. Extensive cooking and catering for friends and relatives eventually sent her to Hollywood to cook for Ang Lee and host cooking classes for Hollywood wives.